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Free Download Java Software For Windows 8 32 Bit bakfion




on this laptop ubuntu-mate: you can't have it both ways gnomemaniac, is it still the pre-installed windows software you're looking for? in any case you can remove or reinstall as much as you want I am removing windows 8.1 because it sucks Ben64: idk. Im kind of new to this, Ive been using ubuntu for years and now Ive installed ubuntu mate over ubuntu but I think they're the same (I mean, there are some differences but not that big). I wanted to install ubuntu-mate this time instead of windows 7 but It wont install ubuntu-mate: they are the same, but you're in the wrong channel and the wrong place to ask questions I have 8 gb of free space and this is a ubuntu certified laptop ubuntu-mate: They're the same except for a bunch of stuff that can be done differently. and it wont install it just says that its unkown eula 2 I just want to install ubuntu-mate from live dvd cant I just boot from the live dvd? and use that Zx432, yes, you can :) thanks Zx432: Zx432: No problem. Zx432, Zx432: Just know you should probably use a USB for persistence. Zx432: Persistence is the same as installing Ubuntu to the hard drive. Zx432: If




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Free Download Java Software For Windows 8 32 Bit bakfion

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